About a Vaccine: Black Hesitation and Misinformation

Thoughts on a Vaccine....

1. The coronavirus vaccine was built off the back of other coronaviruses' research and outbreaks. The MERS and SARS (other types of coronaviruses ) outbreaks about a decade ago gave us a ton of research. This is not "new" research.

2. The Tuskegee Experiment happened. Henrietta Lacks happened. The preying upon slaves by gynecologist, J. Marion Sims happened, Sara Baartman, and Fannie Lou Hamer and the Mississippi Appendectomy all happened. NO ONE IS SAYING BLACK FOLKS SHOULDNT BE SUSPICIOUS. WE HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH GOOD REASON.

At the same time, right now in the present, everyday in 2020 there has been the active sending out of a workforce predominantly made up of low wage, no-benefit having black folks and a large disproportion of black deaths and COVID cases. There is the active disproportionate crushing of black business, funding, investments. I truly wonder how many black families have been sent into debt covering funerals and medical costs. This is birthing the same issues we have always had with generational wealth, Tulsa, Tuskegee, the building of black folks after Reconstruction all rolled into one happening right before our eyes but because it's not yet in a history book, its being looked over. All of this is being done right now, no vaccine included.

3. The "history" does not negate the possibility of benefit from a vaccine when they rob black folks of their lives in broad day light in more tragically normalized ways everyday (Flint Water is having trouble staying clean, voter suppression in the South, food deserts, black mothers dying at alarming rates in child birth, domestic violence for black women, unarmed police shootings and mass imprisonment, we're already a riskier population for long term effects of COVID due to higher rates of chronic illness and are already dying disproportionately) They don't really need a vaccine's help to conspire against our lives.

4. Ableism is not a great avenue to go. Those of us who are chronically ill ( and there are many in the black community) know what its like to wait for new medicine, research, know funding loops, and that drugs are fast tracked regularly and that none of this is a new process. Between COVID and our own health issues we know what its like to be told, "theres nothing more we can do" because of the limited research of the human body. So please don't spread misinformation when actual information can help people avoid COVID or its long term affects. We hope and pray for new medicines, lower costs, and new strides for breast cancer, diabetes, sickle cell, mental illness, heart disease all the time. Constantly hoping for options! We know that one immune compromise including a virus like COVID opens the door for other things to break down in the body. You get the flu here, then a rash there, then your body starts inflaming everywhere and you know fully well you were fine until that "one time". The insensitivity is astounding. If you ask any one of us, we can only wish that the way countries, businesses, and people have spent time, money, and energy on this cause would be done for our own causes. We know that the money alone has made a huge difference.

Its ok to have an opinion, but always seek to have a better-informed opinion.

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