What is on your Black Girl Agenda?

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

An Agenda is a set of problems and subjects over which the writer assumes responsibility. If you could have a set of priorities for the black woman to uphold what would they be?

The Purpose of an Agenda

The purpose of an agenda is to write all of the ideological problems and subjects that a person assumes responsibility over. We may commonly know it as a to do list or planner in our everyday lives. Either way, we have to do something about it. Agendas help us gain focus and control over what we can actively control instead of being at the mercy of those with agendas.

When coming up with an agenda, it is important to understand that they are objective and held as priority. They are not based on the individual feelings, actions/reactions, experiences. They are rooted in pattern across shared individual feelings, actions/reactions, and experiences. They are rooted in research. Why I say all that? This is not a conversation of exceptions. This is not a conversations based on a hunch or even something that is not directly affecting black women. Having exceptions to the rules have gotten black women a little further in a lot more time. They get some where but why wait when we can go further?

My proposal

My proposal for what I would like to see on the black agenda goes like this:

  • Ensure accurate and holistic media representation of black women

Why? The people in our lives are not seeing black women clearly. We are people. We are not superwomen. We cannot disconnect from ourselves and our pasts. We cannot forgive everything. We are who we are. We need to be whole and presented as such.

Why? People deny us our space, time, and money to develop ourselves. We have to assert this and at the same time create our own to put others on notice and make our safe space as wide as possible.

  • Fiscal support and economic branding of all black women for PROFIT

Why? Too many disparities in the economy to not demand and create support. Right now it seems that women are getting into the habit of building. That's great. My push is for us to PROFIT. Sorry, but your favorite Instagram black businesswoman has probably build an empire but is not profiting from it enough to be worry free.

  • Accurate and holistic physical and mental education/healing

Why? Too many disparities in physical and mental well-being. It is up to us to encourage each other and educate about healthy living. Too many black women are dying from issues that can be easily addressed.

  • Mentorship

Why? Existing in a space that does not want you is hard mental and environmental work. Women are leaving spaces that elevate them and their lives because they feel to alone. From high school to welding to management. We need to see each other.

  • Understanding all racial and gender based conversation are ultimately for the above purpose.

Why? Too many times do we wrap ourselves and our time into something that ultimately does not benefit the collective. Too many times we think we convince a Trump supporter to not be a Trump Supporter, a homophobe to not be homophobic, a racist to stop being a racist. We at very minimum try to get them to be logical about some things. It is not needed. When you are in a conversation, if it does nothing to promote the ideas of the above, stop. You are probably ranting and triggered. You are probably upset from a personal space but an argument against racism, sexism, homophobia is ultimately an argument for the people. Personal experience does have its place but not every place. State what you have to state for those who are reading that are looking for some affirmation that they are not crazy. You may even change a mind or two by engaging civically and walking away. Let a triggering issue drive you to action, not constant complaint.

  • Helping ourselves first and then help others with advocacy for equity for all

Why? It really depends on your personal values but since this blog is of course dedicated to the black woman's cause, of course I am going to assert this. Mind the business that pays you.......long term. Immediate relief from a problem gets you no where and that just may be avoidance anyway. Being a black woman very much shapes your existence in ways seen and unseen. Advocating for someone else and neglecting yourself is suicide. It shows in the deteriorating health and wealth of black women. It has to change so we can fight the war on all fronts.

What would be on your BlackGirl Agenda?

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